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Dealer Services
Catering To Your Needs, Before and After the Sale

The Lehigh Valley Auto Auction is a Public Auto Auction meaning that the general public (those that are not dealers) can buy and sell at our facility. We are unique in that only a handful of Auto Auctions allow for the public to attend. What this translates into for our dealers is a higher percentage of sold vehicles at a higher sold price. In addition we offer a variety of services commonly found throughout the auction community.

Reconditioning - Get the most for your vehicle! Let us get your vehicle ready for the sale.

Transportation - Whether your bringing it To or From the auction we have you covered.

Vehicle Registration - Everything you need to register your vehicle for the sale.

Post Sale Inspection - Need an expert opinion? Let us look at it for you.

Arbitration - Our Arbitration services are fair, transparent, and impartial.

Online Bidding - Coming Very Soon.

Flooring Services - Professional financial services for the professional dealer.

Dealer Registration Packet - Dealer Registration Documents.


  • The auction is held indoors in all weather conditions.
  • A pre sale list (Vehicles Are Always Arriving and Leaving) is posted on our website prior to each sale(For Wednesday posted Tuesday ~ 6 P.M. , For Saturday posted Friday ~ 1 P.M.)
  • A paper list of the vehicles is available in the dealer lobby at the start of viewing (4 P.M. Wednesday, 9:30 A.M. Saturday).
  • Dealer Packets are available above.
  • Sale Times Are Every Wednesday 5:15 P.M. & Saturday 10:30 A.M.
  • Post Sale Inspections cannot be purchased with vehicles with more than 160,000 miles

Motorcycles, ATV's, Boats, Campers, RV's, Etc.

The Lehigh Valley Auto Auction primarily sells cars, trucks, and SUV's. Vehicles other than these are sold on a limited basis. As a result all transactions not involving cars, trucks, or SUV's are regarded as AS IS transactions unless otherwise stated. The title delay policy (Seller has 14 Penn Dot Business Days to produce the Title or a refund is issued) applies on these transactions unless otherwise stated.