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Green Light - Seller declares vehicle is subject to all arbitration policies. Buyer has 1 (one) hour, from time of bid, to check for any major defect. One defect must exceed $500 (parts only, not including labor) to repair before Vehicle is subject to arbitration, unless declared unsafe by arbitrator. The arbitrator has absolute final word. Any visible defect is not subject to arbitration. All “IF” Sales are subject to the same policy and time line as regular Green Light sales.

Yellow Light (Caution) - Seller has an announced condition on the vehicle. For example, a vehicle that has the brand True Mileage Unknown (TMU) must have the yellow light on when being auctioned. Don't be afraid to stop the auctioneer and ask him to repeat why the yellow light is on! Units over 10 years old are EXEMPT from federal odometer disclosures.

Red Light (As Is) - Sold with no arbitration, unit is subject to any and all defects except odometer or title brand problems. VEHICLE IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ARBITRATION FOR ANY REASON AND MUST BE PAID FOR IMMEDIATELY.

NOTE: All units sold for $2,000 or less, with 100,000 or more miles, or 10 years of age or older are automatically “As-Is” transactions regardless of light condition and are not subject to arbitration and transaction should be settled immediately

Blue Light (Title Delay) – The Seller has fourteen (14) Penn Dot Business days to produce a title. If a title is not produced within this time frame the buyer can return the vehicle for a full refund. The Public is not prohibited from buying under this light but it is recommended that they do not unless they are willing to wait for the title to arrive.

White Light (Mileage over 100,000)